How It Works..?

  1. Onlinelocaldeals helps local stores by creating and promoting their brand and offers/discounts. Merchants who would like to offer their deals/discounts have to register with us. After the registration, one can activate his account by paying the nominal fee as per the plan of their choice Silver/Gold/Diamond/Platinum.

    Current Plans and charges in INR

    Amount in INR
    SILVER 200/- 1 MONTH
    GOLD 500/- 3 MONTHS
    DIAMOND 1000/- 6 MONTHS
    PLATINUM 2000/- 1 YEAR
  2. Onlinelocaldeals helps eTravelSmart customers by offering these free deals to save his money.
  3. Flow for Merchants :
    1. Merchant needs to register his details in
    2. Upon successful registration, he needs to activate his account by clicking ACTIVATE Button in the profile page
    3. Plans page will be shown, where merchant has to select the plan of their choice and have to make the payment as per the plan.
    4. If the merchant wants to make the payment in online mode, we will be redirecting to EBS site by passing the required information.
  4. Flow for Customers :
    1. Customer searches for buses on
    2. Select bus of his choice and proceed for booking.
    3. After the ticket booking, he can grab free deals of ticket worth in
    4. All he/she has to do is, enter the Ticket Reference Number (ETS Number), click on GET DETAILS button and select the deals.